Operation Houseplant Healing (OHH)

30,177 post 9/11 service members have taken their own lives, significantly more than the 7,057 who died in the wars

OHH is an initiative to prevent suicide and deliver 30,177 plants to veterans

OHH has delivered 40 of 30,177 care packages

Stand for the Lives of Military Veterans

Our brothers and sisters in-arms are dying. Suicide continues to be a significant issue impacting service members, veterans, and military families. OHH declares that one more suicide is one too many and creates opportunities for growth and mental freedom.

Help Our Heroes Grow

Plants help people heal. Studies have shown that interacting with plants and gardening can lead to a decrease in cortisol, the primary stress hormone in our bodies. Multiple other studies have found that our physiological and psychological stress is reduced every time we interact with plants.

Donations Sponsor Plant Drops

Lively Root ‘“plant drops” care packages that provide purpose and connect military families to the healing power of plants. We want military veterans to experience the science-backed benefits of horticulture.

We are grateful for the donors and partners who help make OHH possible 💚